Are You In Your Element? Pt. 3 – Air

Are You In Your Element? Pt. 3 – Air

Let’s continue our journey through the elements and their relationship to Astrology with a look now at the Air signs.

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

These signs concern themselves with our social life and the different types of relationships we may be drawn to.

Gemini has an interest in making connections between people, Libra forms an intimate relationship and Aquarius concerns itself more with the relationships formed between groups of people.

Air gives a lightness of movement, a curiosity and a need to learn.    The quality of air is abstract, intellectual, rational and ingenious.   Air signs love to learn and to pass on information to others.

Indeed, a  prime skill of the airy signs is the ability to communicate, to express thoughts and feelings.   Remember that in order to vocalise and speak, we need air to pass over our vocal cords!   This love of communication brings  to mind a quote by Mark Twain

“If you have nothing to say – say nothing”!

Represented in the Tarot deck by the swords, airy signs encourage us to cut through our illusions, and to develop a rational and objective approach to our problems and dilemmas.

While this element can bring a ‘breath of fresh air’ into stale situations, we must remember that it is difficult to catch or contain air, it needs to be free. 

The downside of this could be that the air signs could come across as being ruled by their head and not their heart.

Too much air, therefore, could result in us living with our head in the clouds, wearing ourselves down with constant movement.   Too little air could mean that we lack a rational and objective approach to setbacks and problems.

And airy contacts with other elements?

Fire needs the oxygen of air in order to set alight its desires

Earth could confine air, making it feel stale and lacklustre

Water can feel that air ruffles its calm surface, causing waves.

Sue Dibnah  Astrologer