Are You In Your Element? Pt.4 – Water

Continuing our journey through the astrological elements… we finally come to the element of water. “With time and with water, everything changes” This quote, attributed to Leonardo da...

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Are You In Your Element? Pt. 3 – Air

Let’s continue our journey through the elements and their relationship to Astrology with a look now at the Air signs. The Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius...

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Are You In Your Element? Pt. 2 – Earth

As each of the elements corresponds to a sign of the Zodiac, let’s move on now and look at the element of earth and its signs. The Earth...

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fire element

Are You In Your Element? Pt.1 – Fire

A series of 4 articles looking at each of the astrological elements….. Each of the signs of the Zodiac resonates with one of the four elements, i.e. fire,...

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