Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Saturday 12 December, 2020

Sarah Jackson

Sarah will share with us her own experience using gongs as a huge factor in her healing journey. Gongs reach us on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level, having a way of knowing what we individually need from them, helping us to let go of tension, break habits and anything that is no longer serving us.

As we intend to use Zoom long term, even when we are able to return to our ‘live’ home the ‘Village Hotel’, we will charge a fee of £5.00 per meeting.  This will enable us to offer a contribution to the costs of our presenters. Please click here to go to our Eventbrite page for this event.

Nothing can replace the warmth or the positive energies of our meetings, but, until we can change it, join us in the comfort of your own home with your coffee and cookie.

The meeting will commence at 10.00 am

Any queries please contact Maureen (, or get in touch via the website.

Hope to see you all there!