Hannah Trowell – Crystal Healing

Hannah Trowell – Crystal Healing

Hannah Trowell, Crystal Healing

I specialise in crystal healing and I am also a reiki master/teacher. As part of my services, I offer crystal healing to balance and strengthen the energy system, crystal prescriptions, bespoke crystal jewellery, and source any crystal requirements you may have. I also mentor in the use of crystals, alchemy and intuitive development. The purpose of a healing session with me would be to assist with any emotional, physical and spiritual issues with the main focus being taking responsibility for yourself and clearing away redundant mindsets and any energy that holds you back. My philosophy is that life is full of challenges and being happy shouldn’t be one of them.


“Hannah has supported me and my family in several ways, I see her help and support as an integral part of our journey as a family. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed when they did, call it divine intervention, but she was meant to come into my life when she did.

I know there are a lot of individuals and companies out there, but for me, with work that is so important and vital in supporting people with their healing, emotional blocks and cutting through some of the challenges that life can layer on to us, I sincerely would never go anywhere else for the type of crystal alchemy that Hannah can provide, she is a true specialist in this field and entirely focused on the clients outcome and what is in their highest interest.”

Antonia Lewis

Contact Details

Email: hannah@cleverlittlecrystals.co.uk
Tel: 07711919055
Website: www.cleverlittlecrystals.co.uk