Hilary Hoare – Energy Healing for Serenity

Hilary Hoare – Energy Healing for Serenity

Hi, my name is Hilary Hoare. I live in Galway on the West Coast of Ireland, and I am an energy intuitive and therapist. I started my own journey in 2009, trained in IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), shortly after in BioEnergy, followed by Touch for Health Kinesiology, and Future Life Progression/Past Life Regression.  As I began working with healing the physical body, I became very interested in exploring the emotional/spiritual connection to the physical manifestation. This interest was to lead to the work I now do with clients, which is connecting to unresolved trauma they’ve experienced, especially during childhood. Using talk therapy, inner child work and energy release techniques, I help the client identify the emotion of the trauma in order to process and transform it, and free themselves of recurring patterns.

We all deserve to be free and the place from which that freedom comes is your own heart and the unconditional love that resides within it. You can bring about the healing and peace you deserve, as all the answers lie within. The choice to claim it is yours.

Emotions are my forte, but I also have a keen interest in many other aspects of energy and working with it. I have been a speaker at motivational/healing events, facilitate meditation groups, and have co-hosted healing workshops with some gorgeous soul sisters.

Contact Details

Tel: 00353 87 6381896 (Outside ROI) or 087 6381896 (Locally)
Facebook: Serenity Bio Energy Therapy