Phil Clubley – Kinesiology

Phil Clubley – Kinesiology

I have been practicing Health Kinesiology since completing my training in 2009.  I work from The Injury Clinic in Anlaby and am a registered practitioner with the Kinesiology Federation. I am also a member of the policy board.

In 2007 I had my first session of kinesiology for a long-standing injury.  I was so impressed with the therapy and knew it was something I needed to learn and share with others.  It has helped me grow and deal with my own concerns, as well as my family’s. I work with wonderful clients who have had sessions for far-ranging issues such as depression and anxiety, fertility and menstrual issues, chronic and acute pain, mobility problems, relationship problems, personal and spiritual growth and dealing with old traumas and emotions.

• Bodies are designed to heal and work properly.

When this isn’t happening, there is often stress at an energetic level that is responsible.
• Bodies suffer whenever stress is present. Reducing stress within the energy system allows a person to respond to situations more appropriately. This, in turn, helps to further reduce stress.
• I use muscle response testing to find stresses and disturbances within a person’s bio-energy system that could be causing symptoms or preventing the body from healing or working appropriately.
• Trapped emotions or trauma, old thought patterns, and behaviours can prevent us from being the best version of ourselves.
• Physical problems can have an energetic/emotional origin so working at this level can improve the body’s ability to self-heal.
• Brings balance and energy on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels<


“Meeting Phil has been life-changing. Since my first appointment, I started to experience massive positive changes in my life. I went with no expectations and what felt like a completely broken human being in every sense, with nothing to gain or lose. Chronic muscle spasms in my upper back, which had been affecting my ability to work and live my life, completely disappeared. I’m now in a completely different place physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically, and I put that down in no small part to the work Phil has done with me.”

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