Hypnotherapy is all about your mind. It is a safe, natural process – an altered state of consciousness. A hypnotherapist uses the power of positive suggestion to the subconscious, to change your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and perceptions. Your personal potential is utilised to the full, drawing upon your inner resources to affect these beneficial changes. You can remove fears and phobias, correct negative behaviours, remedy stress and anxiety, achieve peace and tranquillity…and so much more.

Spiritual hypnosis can help you connect to the desires and intentions of your soul. Techniques such as past life regression can help you overcome blocks and barriers and find your purpose in life. When your mind is in a deep hypnotic state you are open to receive and communicate. You can achieve a higher state of clarity and openness, connecting to the higher levels of your own consciousness. Your mind is allowed to roam free of the body to discover a different reality. You can learn more about the deeper nature of Self and better understand the universe.

Almost everyone can be hypnotised. However, you need to be willing and open and have trust and confidence in the therapist concerned.

Jan Stainforth