About Celestial Explorers

Do you have an interest in understanding the many alternative routes there are to growing your soul? Will you trust your intuition and join an expanding group who are at various stages of their spiritual growth?

Does the idea of ‘Celestial Explorers’ resonate with you?

If so, why not join one of our events and find out for yourself if it is a path that helps with your spiritual growth?

Connecting with like-minded people can be very daunting, even when it involves a subject very close to your heart. Being aware of this, you will find we are a very nurturing group and will provide you with a very warm welcome when you join us.

‘Celestial Explorers’ first met in February 2017, a few of us getting together to see how we could help each other. All knowing that there was more to life than three score years and ten – then potential oblivion!

Since that time many gifted practitioners have shared their specialism and expertise with us, showing how they have spiritually developed and how they are able to help us on our paths.

Personally, having spent many years seeking support for my insight and having to travel many miles to learn about some of the wondrous ways to develop my spirituality, I searched for a way to find like-minded people to share experiences with.

Unfortunately, no such avenue could be found. The only answer seemed to be ‘if it is that important then create your own group’.

‘Celestial Explorers’ is the outcome of a meeting with Rachael Alexander, an experienced practitioner, and myself, a ‘newbie’. Rachael had the knowledge and I had the enthusiasm.

As we approach our third year, Rachael will be spending more time on her growing business and family commitments, leaving me to facilitate the continued growth of the group.

Without a doubt, if Rachael had not been prepared to join me, the group would not have been born.   Thank you, Rachael, on behalf of myself and the many who have joined us on their spiritual journeys.

Since 1971 I have been an enthusiastic, successful entrepreneur, creating many supportive business services, developing individuals and small businesses. I believe these many years of experience will assist me in my spiritual insight and the continued growth and development of “Celestial Explorers”.

Maureen Foers, OBE