Kinesiology uses a gentle form of muscle response testing to access information from a person’s bio-energy system, or higher self – a non-physical aspect of us. Our physical body has an amazing capacity to self-heal but it also responds to all our experiences, beliefs, our diet, our environment and the people we associate with. These factors can have a detrimental effect on our physical body leading to health issues and interfering with the body’s natural ability to heal.

A kinesiologist uses holistic techniques to remove stresses and disturbances from the body’s bio-energy system – whether emotional, environmental, psychological or energetic – to allow positive and effective change, stimulate self-healing, enhance physical wellbeing and create harmony in your life.

With everything that we as human beings in the modern world have to deal with and process, is there any wonder that we can feel disconnected, unhealthy despite our best efforts and be left with situations we feel unable to control?

People use kinesiology sessions to improve their health or make positive changes in their lives, to help them deal with pain, sleep issues, depression and anxiety, allergies, difficult relationships, reproductive and menstrual concerns, personal and spiritual development and many other issues.

Phil Clubley