Will you share the knowledge and paths of those who are 'older souls' who are willing and prepared to support your spiritual growth?

Experienced Practitioners

We greatly appreciate the practitioners who have already supported our group with their time and expertise. Also welcoming their on-going participation with ‘Celestial Explorers’ members and events.

We have only managed to scratch the surface of the numerous spiritual subjects and related information available to us.

However, ‘Celestial Explorers’ will continue to provide the opportunity for experienced practitioners, to share their knowledge with us.

Consequently, this area of our website will always be in ‘development’ mode as additional subjects and information are shared with us all.


“Time being our only constraint”

Linda Hoyland – Vitality Specialist

I became interested in a natural approach to healthcare after being ill during pregnancy and finding that conventional medicine was very limited in what it could offer. I...

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Maureen Foers OBE – Facilitator/Spirituality Coach

I have always believed that life was more than three score years and ten, then potential oblivion. My Spiritual Journey has had many ups and downs, losing my...

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Terry Bowen – Master Soul Coaching®

Terry Bowen is a Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer living in London, England with his husband and two chihuahuas. He loves to help his clients live a...

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Hilary Hoare – Energy Healing for Serenity

Hi, my name is Hilary Hoare. I live in Galway on the West Coast of Ireland, and I am an energy intuitive and therapist. I started my own...

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Hannah Trowell, Crystal Healing

Hannah Trowell – Crystal Healing

I specialise in crystal healing and I am also a reiki master/teacher. As part of my services, I offer crystal healing to balance and strengthen the energy system,...

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Sue Dibnah Astrology

Sue Dibnah – Astrology

I have studied, practised and taught Astrology for over 40 years. I worked as a Registered General Nurse (Silver Medallist) and have a degree in Social and Behavioural...

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Dr Karen Wells – Past Life Regression

I am an established therapist & tutor with many year’s experiences of successfully helping thousands of clients and students to move forward in life. I work extensively with...

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Rachel Alexander Spiritual Psychologist

Rachael Alexander – Spiritual Psychologist

I'm a Spiritual Psychologist who will help you to travel your spiritual path with courage, strength, and grace. Passionate about helping people transform their fear into action, I...

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Janet Illidge Reiki

Janet Illidge – Reiki

After a 20-year career in Secondary teaching, I wanted a change of direction. I began exploring complementary therapies and how they could improve health and wellbeing naturally. I first...

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Hayley Clark Astronumerology

Hayley Dee Clark – Numerology

I practice as an Astronumerologist (Astrologer/Numerologist) working from home in Hessle, East Yorkshire. I have had an avid interest in lots of life's mysteries and wonders from being very...

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Sue Grassby Holistic therapist

Sue Grassby – Holistic Therapy

I am an Astrologer, Seichem & Reiki Master, Egyptian Cartouche Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Yoga and Pilates Teacher. I have been a Holistic Therapist for over 35 years during...

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Phil Clubley – Kinesiology

I have been practicing Health Kinesiology since completing my training in 2009.  I work from The Injury Clinic in Anlaby and am a registered practitioner with the Kinesiology...

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Jan Stainforth – Celebrancy

Jan Stainforth I am a qualified experienced celebrant working across Yorkshire and into Lincolnshire. I conduct naming, wedding, and funeral ceremonies, providing a friendly, supportive and professional service....

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