Maureen Foers OBE – Facilitator/Spirituality Coach

Maureen Foers OBE – Facilitator/Spirituality Coach

I have always believed that life was more than three score years and ten, then potential oblivion.

My Spiritual Journey has had many ups and downs, losing my way in the 1990s and not finding my path again until late 2010.

Over many years I have studied different subjects related to Spiritual Growth, more recently ‘Healing Your Inner Child’.

I am a ‘Reiki Master’, and a ‘Spirituality Coach’.  Through the Akashic Records, I have become a practitioner to undertake Soul Realignment, which removes blockages which are hindering our growth and true path, often acquired in past lives.

I am not a traditional professional practitioner, but I will willingly share my knowledge when requested.

My Spiritual Path is to offer support through ‘Celestial Explorers’, helping to develop our souls in a nurturing and progressive group of like-minded people.


Contact: 07947 808735