Past Lives

past lives

The very concept of Past Lives is something that cannot be examined under a microscope, but it is in fact something very real that exists within a part of who we are.

It is not something that can be explained to the mind, as it goes far beyond this with it’s knowing, touching a silent yet huge part of who you really are in your Consciousness.

When exploring your own Past Lives, much recognition can come of people, places and events that have occurred at different points in your own individual history.

Therefore, many things explored in a Past Life Regression session could be relationship issues, fears, healing gifts & other aspects of your Consciousness as you allow yourself to open up to a whole existence far beyond your normal sight.

Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey, or very well down that road, then having a Past Life Regression session will stay with you forever, as the concept of time disappears as you explore these hidden aspects of the self.

Emotions can come forth which only cements the idea of Past Lives being a reality and you can be left feeling lighter, happier and freer than you have ever been. Is it time for you to see and experience this aspect of yourself?

Karen Wells