Jin Shin

Jin Shin

Jin Shin is a powerful therapy that uses a light touch on various acupressure points on the body to release blockages in energy pathways to bring about deep healing and relaxation. It has the ability to heal deeply at the root cause of problems – healing emotional scars that have been causing physical symptoms. I have seen it bring about remarkable health benefits. Jin Shin is also great for self-help so I often give clients “homework” to do for just a few minutes every day, the treatment continues to benefit them until their next session.

There are 26 points (on each side of the body) each having its own meaning and function.

As an example, the first point, number 1, is to help support us with change and to be open minded in new ventures and taking steps forward in life. New job, college, new relationship, maybe moving on emotionally, as well as opening up and developing our spiritual side. Fittingly it is located on the inside of the knee – the part we move first when physically taking a step forward.

Another point, number 4 is located at the base of the skull, either side of the spine. This helps calm that overactive mind chatter we can get when waking during the night with things on our mind. It also harmonises the mind, body and spirit.

When the points are combined together in different flows, they are very powerful and effective in helping with client’s healing.

Linda Hoyland