Linda Hoyland – Vitality Specialist

Linda Hoyland – Vitality Specialist

I became interested in a natural approach to healthcare after being ill during pregnancy and finding that conventional medicine was very limited in what it could offer.

I qualified as a Reflexologist in 1989 and my interest in natural healthcare then spread to include Reiki, nutrition, allergies and Kinesiology. I have also added High Touch Acupressure (Jin Shin) and Vortex Healing to my therapeutic skills.

I use my knowledge, skills and experience as a therapist for over 30 years to offer a truly holistic approach, looking at all aspects of a person’s health problems, not only addressing structural, environmental and nutritional needs but also helping the release of past emotional baggage that may be contributing to present-day problems.


Clients tell me:

  • their problems clear up
  • they feel much better in themselves
  • they feel positive and motivated
  • they have lots more energy and sleep better
  • they feel much calmer
  • they get their life back!



“When I came to see Linda, I had over-acidity in the stomach which has now gone and I no longer take medication for this. I also had post-irradiation inflammation in the chest wall which was causing pain and is now much better. The stress and sleepless nights have gone, I feel more relaxed and able to sleep, as well as general well-being.”

Contact Details

Tel: 07861 251863